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Sports Programs & Activities for Kids and Teens
We Got Game is committed to helping parents find a variety of well-rounded sports programs, camps and athletic events for their kids and teens. Highly-trained coaches help your kids learn fundamentals, have fun and find their passion.
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Programs / Registration

  • How do I register for a program?

    From the home page find the location that applies to you and click the red "Visit" button. From here you can access the registration page. You will receive your receipt and registration confirmation through email. You can also call our office at (773) 685-1682 and register over the phone.

  • I just registered for a program, now what?

    You will receive a confirmation email that lists the basic information for the registration. Review this information to ensure it is for the correct program, date, and time. Registrant families will receive a welcome email prior to the start of the program that will give more in depth information for the program such as what is needed and if there are any special instructions.

  • What should I expect from a WGG Sports program?

    The majority of our sports programs are instructional. We Got Game wants to instill a healthy desire to be active and enjoy sports. Programs are designed to teach proper fundamentals and knowledge necessary to play a sport, as well as respect for the game and all of the participants.

  • What if my child is a beginner to organized sports or it is their first time playing a particular sport?

    We welcome players of all skill level. Since the majority of our programs are instructional, players will be introduced to everything they need to know to begin playing the sport. Typically, older players are a little more skilled, so some programs may be designed for more advanced players. Speak with a WGG coach if you have concerns about what program would be the best fit for your player.

  • Are all of your programs co-ed?

    Unless specifically stated otherwise during registration or within the program title, all of our programs are co-ed.

  • Do you offer registration discounts?

    For the majority of our programs, we offer a sibling discount. This discount offers 20% off subsequent registrations for siblings after one full price registration (some exclusions apply, registrations must be completed within the same transaction)

  • Can I register my child to play two sports in the same season?

    Players can be registered and participate in as many We Got Game programs as your schedule will allow!

  • What if there’s a Waiting List for a program?

    If the program is full resulting in a waitlisted registration, your registration is on hold until more spots open up. You will not be charged for a waitlist registration, and will be contacted if more space opens up in the program.

  • What paperwork must I complete in order for my child to participate in your program?

    If registering online, please fill our all of the information required during the registration process. If you are registering over the phone, a We Got Game representative will gather all of your information and process the registration. There is no further paperwork to be done.


  • How old does my child have to be play?

    The bulk of We Got Game programming is available for ages 5 to 12. WGG also offers certain programs throughout the year that are available to players outside of this age range


Cancellations / Weather

  • How do I find out if a class is cancelled due to inclement weather?

    Afternoon classes will be cancelled by 2PM, posted to the We Got Game facebook page and registrants will be notified by email. If a class is not cancelled by 2PM the program is running but we reserve the right to cancel on site if our coaches determine the weather is not conducive to running the class. Morning classes will be cancelled one hour prior to the start time, posted to the We Got Game facebook page and registrants will be notified by email. If a class is not cancelled by 2PM the program is running but we reserve the right to cancel on site if our coaches determine the weather is not conducive to running the class.

  • Is there a make-up date in the event a class is canceled due to inclement weather?

    We Got Game will handle weather cancellations in a couple different ways. If the program location allows a make-up date, we will reschedule the class. If the program location does not allow for make-up dates, we will offer a prorated refund to cover the cost of the cancellation.


  • What do the titles “Tot, Rookie, Amateur, and 50/50” mean?

    These program titles correspond to the age/grade range the program is designed for. We Got Game keeps players of similar age, size, and skill participating together to make the experience more enjoyable.

  • How can I find the rules of the game?

    We Got Game will help players learn the basic skills and rules necessary to play the game. For further information on the sport, we encourage parents and players to research online and practice outside of our We Got Game programming.

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